About Us

Who We Are

The “UNICO” Construction Company started its activity in 2007. Since that time, UNICO managed to take rightful place in the construction market of Azerbaijan and, thanks to high-quality and professional work, managed to successfully prove itself. Our team consists of professionals with long standing and high-level experience in the work. We take full responsibility for the work done.

So far, the “UNICO” Company is an enterprise developing consistently and dynamically with a well-developed structure, as well as international partners, being necessary to carry out a complex of repair and construction works from the stage of creation of design specifications and estimates to commission.

Our Business Vision is to be the most reliable construction company in Azerbaijan, adhering to national values.

Our Mission – In addition to educating our customers on construction standards, we offer them innovative, high-quality products and competitive prices.

Our values – the stable and strong foundation of “Unico” CJSC – is built on the following “Seven main values of society”. The purpose of these values is to share our beliefs and to reflect the personality of the society.


1. Giving preference to religious-moral values 

Our great leader, Mr. Heydar Aliyev, said about religious and moral values that “Islam is our native religion. The national and moral values of our people, the traditions of our religion and values – all together are our national wealth… Our traditions, moral, national and religious values are immortal and will live on.” Remembering these ideas, the strengthening of moral and ethical foundations in our society, the preservation of centuries-old traditions by every employee at the workplace and must be purposefully used the positive potential of religious and moral values.

2. Being honest 

Honesty is the foundation of our business. At the simplest level, this is respecting the laws and regulations of the country in which we work. Honesty ourselves, it means being honest with our colleagues, customers and partners and earning their trust.

3. Demonstrate equality  

Demonstrate an equal attitude to every employee regardless of their position at the workplace, behave them in a correct and equal manner by making them feel that they are valued, and give them positive feedback means recognizing individual talents and performances.

4. To create cooperation prosperity

We believe that strong cooperation prosperity plays a major role in the positive results achieved in the business process. Working equally and successfully in the business process it means that employees know their different qualities and skills by communicating with each other. Good communication, honesty, mutual respect and achieving results depends on the same contribution from each employee.

5. Being loyal 

Loyalty is one of the core values of our company. The main goal of the company is to win and keep loyal customers and employees. We believe that sustainable development only available through loyal associates and customers. This loyalty is also to act by putting the image and reputation of the Society above one’s own interests.

6. Quality control 

Our customers rate us based on the quality of the product or service we provide. It is the constant adherence to the required standards. In this regard, the company has been accredited according to several international quality standards and continues its work within the framework of those standards.

7. Being proffesional at work 

Each employee of the company is fully responsible for the honest and high-quality performance of their work in the workplace.


The rules of Ethical Behaviour of  “Unico” CJSC is an important factor in building a strong corporate culture. 

This is a set of rules that outline the rules, practices and responsibility applicable to all employees of the company.

The rules of Ethical behaviour is a basic guideline that includes some additional expectations for employee’s behavior and norms in the workplace.

Every point of behavior although we cannot cover individually, the company’s trusts that you will act in your best judgment at all times.

Heads of departments are considered to be primarily responsible for enforcing and monitoring good conduct and work norms in their departments.

The rules of ethical behavior of the company consist of:

1. To obey with the company’s internal procedures and the Legislation of AR

2. To inform the management for preventing  unethical, illegal and criminal activities

3. Avoiding conflicts of interest

4. To protect the image and reputation of the company

5. Avoid from engaging in political activity

6. The rule of using the property

7. Display high level of professionalism

8. Public trust

9. Show mutual respect and attention

10. Not accept any material and moral benefits and other privileges

11. Prevent corruption

12. Refrain from receiving gift

13. Cultural behavior

14. Application procedure for advice