Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Quality, environment and safety policy


“Unico” CJSC, which operates in general construction and project management, implements the quality, environment and safety policy in its workplaces by implementing the following principles

  • To confirm the reputation of a reliable company at work that prioritizes its obligations to its customers, partners and employees;
  • Strictly complying with all applicable legislative, regulatory and other requirements on quality, health and safety of work, as well as environmental protection;
  • Ensure the adoption and application of new technologies to fully ensure that the company is in a highly competitive position;
  • To prevent the occurrence of accidents in advance, to take necessary measures to create normal and safe working conditions for the company’s employees, as well as for employees of other companies working in the field managed by the company;
  • Taking measures to prevent occupational injuries and health disorders, to constantly improve the Integrated Management System (IMS), as well as to further improve indicators in the field of Quality, Labor Protection and Technical Safety;
  • In order to increase the professionalism of the company’s employees and involve all staff in ensuring the quality and safety of work, as well as environmental protection, continuously develop and improve the IMS by conducting internal audits to ensure compliance with the requirements of “ISO 9001:2015”, “ISO 14001:2015” and “ISO 45001:2018” standards.

“Unico” CJSC takes responsibility for:

  • Bringing to the attention of all employees of the company’s policy in the field of quality, environmental protection, as well as health protection and ensuring labor safety;

  • Allocate all resources necessary for the fulfillment of the above-mentioned principles;

  • To help all employees of the company to achieve the set goal.