Anti-bribery Policy

Anti-bribery Policy

We, thanks to the culture formed in the field of conducting business activities with our team and business partners and building relationships with them, the reputation of UNIKO CJSC, an enterprise for the construction of residential and non-residential buildings and project management, has grown over the years and turned into a strong closed shareholder society and we see, know and are proud of the fact that it plays an important role in gaining, maintaining and strengthening the trust and confidence of the public in the business environment.

In order to realize this growth in a sustainable and impartial manner, the ISO 37001 system has been formed in our company and bribery is prohibited based on the requirements of local legislation.

The main goals of the company are as follows:

• Implementation of legislation and ISO 37001-2016 requirements
• Implementation of projects in a fully systematic manner, with transparent processes
• To carry out appropriate monitoring on this road
• Constantly introducing our internal and external customers to anti-bribery methods

Just as our customers and business partners expect our standards of conduct and business methods to conform to the principles and regulations set forth herein, we expect and will ensure that their standards of conduct and business methods conform to these and other similar international regulations. These principles and rules are the leading documents for conducting and managing business activities for UNIKO CJSC. Let us carefully read, analyze and understand these principles and rules.

An appropriate ABMS compliance team has been established in our company and responsibilities for the development and implementation of this system have been assigned. If you have a question about the requirements of this standard or to report any suspicious situation related to bribery, you can send an email to, your questions will be answered, and the confidentiality of the suspicious situation information will be protected.

In my turn, as the Director – Elchin Akhundov, promise to strictly adhere to corporate and ethical values, as well as anti-corruption principles of business activity in my actions and decisions. I expect a similar behavior from my colleagues and subordinates who are employees of UNIKO CJSC. The steady progress and prosperity of our enterprise as a whole and of each of us individually depends on it.