“Chess tournament among construction industry companies” was held dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of national leader Heydar Aliyev.

We hold online meetings with our employees working in our projects in the regions and discuss their current working conditions, business activities, as well as further improvement of working conditions and making their activities more effective.

Nowadays, enough conditions have been created so that distances do not hinder the quality of work, and our team is taking advantage of these conditions to constantly take steps towards development.

A friendly mini-football match dedicated to NOVEMBER 8 – VICTORY DAY was held between “Unico” CJSC and “Archico” LLC

In addition to the teams of the mentioned companies, the management team and other employees of those companies participated as fans and supported their teams.

The event, which started with the playing of the National Anthem, continued with a minute’s silence in memory of our martyrs. Elchin Akhundov, the director of “Unico” CJSC, who announced the event, greeted the fans, prayed for God’s mercy to our martyrs who gave us this victory, wished good health to our veterans, and congratulated our people on the return of our lands.

He emphasized that the main goal of this meeting was to demonstrate solidarity between the construction companies operating in Azerbaijan and wished success to both teams

Then, the head of the “Construction Department” of “Archico” LLC, Nazim Shirinov, in his turn greeted the fans, wished mercy to our martyrs, good health to our veterans, congratulated our people on the occasion of the return of our lands and wished success to both teams.

After that, the game was started by reminding the players about the rules by specially experienced and professional referees. The friendly match organized on the mini football fields of Baku Olympic Stadium ended with the victory of the football team of “Archico” LLC.

In the end, the director of “Unico” CJSC Elchin Akhundov presented the “Victory Cup” to the football team of “Archico” LLC.

We congratulate the winners once again and wish them success in the next games.

We would like to inform you that our company, which always attaches importance to Corporate Social Responsibility, announces the launch of a new CSR project called “Victory Cup” from 2022. So, such events will have a traditional character and will be further expanded.