As we know, on December 11 last year, at the plenary session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Dubai, the decision to hold “COP29” in Azerbaijan was made. Also, according to the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 25, 2023, 2024 was declared the “Year of Solidarity for the Green World” in Azerbaijan.

As a component of the planet Earth, and as a citizen and business entity, we always put environmental protection in the forefront, and we owe it to ourselves to promote the aforementioned “COP29” and “Year of Solidarity for the Green World”, and we call everyone to protect the environment.

For this reason, from the date of April 22 – Earth Day, as the beginning of a series of events, by making appropriate changes and additions to our logo for 2024, we invite all construction industry enterprises to join this challenge.