Starting from June, this program offers 4th-year students and graduates of 2021-2022 who want to build a career in the construction sphere, get to know the work inside the office and in the work areas in the fields mentioned below, participate in the execution of processes, and most importantly,  will create an opportunity to build their future career in the UNICO group of companies.

• Field engineering;
 • Estimate and Cost Control;
 • Procurement and Supply;
 • Finance;
 • Human resources;
 • Architecture;
 • Trade;

Who can apply?
 • Having an interest in one of the above-mentioned fields, having the ability to speak, read, write fluently in at least 2 languages ​​(one being the mother tongue, the other being Russian or English – the 3rd language is an added advantage), able to freely use MS Office programs, 4th year students and graduates of 2021-2022.

How can I apply?
 • Send cv to the e-mail address, choosing one of the fields mentioned above in the subject line, along with a motivation letter of 150 characters.