Support for a young and talented employee from “Unico” CJSC Our employee Abasali Hasanov was born on 15.11.1996 in the village of Garalar, Imishli district of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He received his secondary education in 2003-2015 at the school named after Namik Abishov of the Imishli region. In 2015-2020, he received his bachelor’s degree in “Industrial Engineering” at Baku Engineering University. Abasali Hasanov started his career on February 3, 2020 with the position of “Planning Engineer” in the “Construction Department” of our company. On September 21, 2021, he was admitted to the master’s degree in “Data analytics and strategic business intelligence” at Long Island University, USA. In order to support our young and talented employee, “Unico” CJSC provided Abasali Hasanov with a monthly allowance during his studies in the United States and this support will continue until the end of his studies. We wish Mr. Abasali success in his education and future career!